CheapRandom is a set of tools for pseudo random number generation from arbitrary data. The properties of the CheapRandom seed make convenient random number generation possible -- useful for easily repeatable software testing. The CheapRandom algorithm is information conserving and generally appears to produce lower chi-squared statistics than operating system random number generators i.e. it appears to be more random. The CheapRandom algorithm, an original work by Bardi Einarsson, has been in use for 6 years.

Improving Version v0.9.4

  • The CheapRandom algorithm is to be implemented in more computer languages. So far, ruby and C have versions.
  • The Microsoft compatible versions of the C software are being improved.
  • The CheapRandom algorithm is getting more statistical analysis.
  • The CheapRandom software is getting more tests.
  • Other possible uses for the CheapRandom software are being documented.